About me


20-something Baha’i writer living in different parts of the world, while trying to blog regularly. I write original fiction, fan fiction, and opinion pieces. I like to write about social change.

I have a tendency to get addicted to things like cinnamon rolls, orange tic tacs and ice tea. Originally from Paraguay, ethnically too much of a mix to properly explain.

Currently residing in: Lithuania

Writer for Hypable. I’m a frequent participant of National Novel Writing Month, the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition, and the Narnia Fic Exchange. In November I like to start word sprints on twitter.

I’m a freelance editor for English, Spanish and translations. Find all that info here.

“Change in mind becomes change in deed and change in the world.”

Check out my list of works in progress to see what I’m up to!

Appearances elsewhere online

I got a chance to write a guest blog post for Lyn the Thorne-Alder (or here)

I was featured in a NaNoWriMo Spotlight for The Kelworth Files

I’ve given a few talks at the National University of Itapua (Universidad Nacional de Itapua), and here’s an article about me


7 thoughts on “About me

      • Hmm, that’s strange. There always used to be a follow button, but I don’t see one on your blog. And there’s none on mine either, now that I’m thinking about it. I wonder if WP has done another “hate Macs” thing and I just can’t see it. I do use the subscribe widget, but I’m thinking about changing the theme, since it’s all the way at the bottom.


  1. Okay, my confusion. It used to be at the top of the page, so that’s where I looked for it. Now I see that it’s at the bottom. I’ve been on WordPress a long time, and still don’t understand the compulsion to constantly change things that are working fine.


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