All characters should be like Peggy Carter


Okay, so they don’t all have to be smart, beautiful, talented and noble-hearted women from the 40s/50s, but Peggy Carter is definitely one of the best-written characters I have ever seen in the action/adventure genre and the traits that make her so wonderful should be studied closely so that, in a world where it’s surprisingly hard to find three-dimensional and not over-sexualized female characters (especially on screen), we can finally have good role models to inspire us when writing.

Now, I’m not saying that Agent Carter is the best show in the history of television; it’s obviously flawed (especially when it comes to PoC representation). I’m also not claiming that I’m completely knowledgeable when it comes to the history of TV shows or that I’ve carefully analyzed every single female character ever created. But there are some things about their leading character that , in my opinion, make Carter an excellent role model for all our potential characters – and not just the female ones.

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