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It’s been about a month and a half since I last updated, but here I am again! I’ve since moved to another city and gone back to working outside instead of in an office (which means lots of blisters but also lots of fresh air and time to think). I’ve certainly enjoyed myself, but I’ve also procrastinated a lot.

However, I have the wonderful readers of The Malfoy Case to thank for the perseverance I’ve had in writing the last few chapters, especially the last one, which is posted now and was almost entirely written on my phone (like this blog post)!

Jewels, a great friend of mine, made these awesome drawings of Astoria Greengrass from my fanfic:



And another amazing reader has given me the gift of these beautiful banners:



It’s such an honor to have talented artists invest time in a story I’m writing.

So please come check out the latest chapter in the legal drama fic and let me know what you think!


Progress… and constructive procrastination, maybe.

[Please just ignore my progressively less eloquent post titles… I can’t even name my novel. I need help.]

It’s the sixth day of NaNoWriMo, and my word count is at 8,676 right now, which is a good number… my goal for today is 10,002 (at least), so I should be fine.

Yesterday, I discovered that it is within my capacity to write 1,000 words in only 30 minutes, which is awesome but is also sort of unfortunate, because the ‘I don’t have enough time’ excuse won’t work anymore and I’ll be forced to keep writing instead of scrolling through tumblr for ten hours. But if you think about it, I could technically write almost an entire novel in a day (assuming I didn’t take any breaks at all, which isn’t healthy or plausible, really) and that’s pretty cool to think about.

How’s my novel going? Well…

It’s sort of limping along, and neither my novel nor I are particularly sure where we’re going with this, but we hope it’ll lead somewhere. My main characters are acting up and refusing to adhere to the kind of personalities I had originally assigned for them, I randomly decided to turn the story into a quest to redeem my MC’s brother who has suddenly been accused of multiple murders because of a nasty coincidence, and four people have already died in a pretty horrible way.

So… it’s going well, I guess?

This is probably the most badly-written novel I’ve ever written, but I’m learning to just embrace how terrible it is. In the past, I never really understood what people meant by the ‘inner editor’, but this year I’m painfully aware of it. My way of coping is just by leaving bolded, caps-locked notes of ‘[DEAR NASIM: CHANGE THIS]‘ so that I remember just how bad it is when I do get around to editing it after November.


Things that have been wonderfully useful this week: NaNo Pep Talks and Write or Die (honestly, I’m going to use Write or Die for homework when I start studying again).


THINGS YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT (Unless you’re procrastinating, in which case: go back to writing your novel immediately! or just procrastinate with these, I honestly won’t mind… I mean, seriously, I’m procrastinating by writing this blog post):

  • Constellations, my Chronicles of Narnia fanfic, which is new on Things never happen the same way twice. Two nights under the sky with one thousand three hundred and forty two years (or three) in between. It’s a one-shot, so it doesn’t take that much procrastination!
  • Also, I got a chance to write a guest blog post for Lyn the Thorne-Alder here (or here, if you’re like me and your computer blocks LJ) titled What I learned from the years I did NaNoWrimo (and from the years I didn’t). If you’re like me and feel like you need confidence because this year, suddenly nothing works for you, you may find it a bit encouraging.
  • And if you happen to read Spanish… my friend Marcelo Alvarenga just wrote an epic post on the best classic movie adaptations. Check it out and leave a comment!


Now, how’s your novel going? Are you as confused about what’s happening to your plot as I am?

My one-shots are out of control.

This morning in the shower I totally had the intention of writing a really nice post about all my NaNoWriMo aspirations for this year, and how I’ll be tackling misogyny and racism in a rather blatant way with my new novel. BUT INSTEAD!

For the Narnia Fic Exchange 2014 I ended up writing this (I’ll put it up on sometime in the near future), in response to a Pevensie siblingfic prompt. It ended up a bit darker than I thought it would, but I’m definitely proud of it!

Things never happen the same way twice. Two nights under the sky with one thousand three hundred and forty two years (or three) in between.

And I had no intention to participate in the NFE Madness Round, but then I started looking through the prompts out of curiosity… and this happened. In three days. And I think it’s definitely the best one-shot I’ve ever written, despite the fact that the pairing is Susan Pevensie/Jack Sparrow, which means it’s a crossover fic; I never, ever thought I’d end up writing a crossover fic. And thanks to this I discovered the wonderfulness that is Charles Baudelaire!

“Can’t stop me, love,” he pronounces with an impudent wink that she feels rather than sees as she lets the arrow loose. She finds him staring at her, his smile in stark contrast to the gravity in his eyes. “Queen Susan,” he says with pointed politeness that worries her more than his brazen remarks. “I need me ship.”

AND THEN I was totally sitting down to immerse myself in the study of modern-day technology and the roles of women and people of color (I don’t say PoC because it immediately registers as Pirates of the Caribbean in my mind- I’m so sorry) in the 1950s, when I started going through the reviews of the Jack/Susan fic and someone made Bacchus/Calypso magically appear in my mind and I NEED TO WRITE THIS NOW.

And somehow that’s getting me listening to Mongolian music… I still don’t really understand how I got there but it happened somehow and I have all this beautiful scenery in my head and I just know I’m going to think of another one-shot really soon.

I think my brain is out of control. I cannot afford to invest more time in writing fanfiction. must focus on research which is really necessary at this point because I have less than a month until I have to write 50,000 words of a novel whose main character doesn’t even have a name yet!

So I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend the rest of the day obsessively going through pages on roman mythology and the beautiful, beautiful PotC wiki… but hopefully once I get this out of my system I’ll actually be able to sit down and work on my novel.

At least I’m producing something *makes excuses*.

The Incredible Unknown Power of Fanfiction

…or “How Fanfiction saved my brain”.

In the past years, I can’t count the number of times people (namely my family) have scolded me for writing fanfiction instead of continuing to write my novels.

Actually, they’re right. When I’m in the middle of some awesome project that I’ve been bothering everybody about with long monologues about my character’s conflicting desires and how this affects the story as a whole, people expect me to actually sit down and write what I’ve been ranting about for the past months. So I do, for a month or so, and then… I start to write something else.

For me, while writing is a way to escape from real life, it does get a bit stressful after a while. The characters start acting up, the plot doesn’t make sense, the story takes a twist you didn’t originally want it to take, and then you spend every waking hour worried about how you’re going to fix that and writing your novel stops being fun.

I can’t write if I’m not having fun with the story. It simply isn’t the same. So I need something else to consume my imagination, even if it’s only for a day or two. That is where fanfiction comes to save my brain, which is about to melt from the preoccupation my evil characters have caused.

It’s not always fanfiction, of course. Many times it’s actually very good, published works by authors who are so spectacular that my self-esteem is completely lowered while I kneel at their feet in awe. Such as “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak and “Watership Down” by Richard Adams. And of course, “The Lord of the Rings” (and “The Hobbit” and “The Silmarillion”,etc.) but that was implied the moment I said spectacular. But fanfiction is ideal for light reading for these reasons:

1) Some of the things you read are pure trash.

It’s badly written, with horrible grammar and it’s raining clichés, while the characters are drowning in a soap-opera-like atmosphere. It makes you want to tear your eyes out with a spoon. It makes you lose hope in the human race. It makes you wonder why, despite the horrible, senseless way this person writes, has reviews saying “omg i love ittt!!!!1!! update pliz cant wait!!!!

Why is it good to read these things?

Because no matter what, you most certainly can write better than that. In fact, it’s probable that after reading a fanfic like this, and after getting a bruise on your forehead from banging your head repeatedly against the desk, you will read what you’ve written and your self-esteem will soar up into the clouds. This is the opportunity to take advantage of that feeling and write.

2) Some things are actually wonderful.

It can make you laugh, it can make you cry your eyes out, and in a good way. (see, for example, cupid-painted-blind‘s fanfics, which are seriously a work of art. Particularly the Harry Potter ones) It doesn’t matter if it has multiple chapters or if it’s just a one-shot. It has the ability to make you love a character that you previously hated with a passion, or make you hate your favorite character.

Why is it good to read these things?

Because a fanfic like that will inspire you so much, that you may even fall into one of those trances where you reconsider everything you’ve ever thought about that character when you read the book/movie/series he or she originally came from. You will understand what makes a real character, and maybe even re-read the original book. And you will start to shape one of your own characters to have a bit more depth than you had originally though they had. Because you’ve fallen into that wonderful state of writing where ideas just flow endlessly and you feel like you can finally understand the Universe.

You actually can’t, but it’s nice to feel that way.

3) When you read a lot, you end up writing a lot.

After reading something really good, or really bad, or simply reading a huge load of fanfics about the same characters, you will have your own ideas about them and you will want to write something of your own. Hopefully it’s just a one-shot, so that after you write it it’s over and you can get back to your novel, of course.

Why is it good to end up writing fanfiction?

Because it makes you write, and as any writer knows, writing something every day is good for you.

So even if you’re just writing fanfiction, you’re writing something, and you develop your talent just a little bit more. Plus, if you post it on, you’ll probably get at least one review saying that you’re awesome and you write beautifully. It doesn’t matter how badly you wrote it. So you feel good about yourself, having some encouragement, and that will eventually, if not instantly, lead you back to the novel you were working on in the beginning.

Fanfiction was a great development for me. I actually started writing it without knowing there was such a thing as fanfiction. Of course, what I wrote when I was eight years old was absolute garbage, but it was good for me and I feel that it helped me grow as a writer. When I’m sick of writing serious, complex stories, I write something simpler, or something very short but emotionally charged. I actually wrote some stories that are among the best ones I’ve ever written, if I may say so myself. Here.

As long as you don’t get too distracted, fanfiction is good for you.

So, what do you think? Is it good or is it bad to read/write fanfiction? I would love to know what you think!

(and I apologize profusely for the delay between posts x.x )