Editing Services

I’m offering proofreading and editing services!

I have many years of experience editing, proofreading and coaching writers in both English and Spanish, as well as working with translators to polish English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations.

What I edit: Novels, short stories, essays, blog posts, articles, and more – in English and Spanish.

What I can help you fix:
– Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
– Sentence structure and overall flow of ideas.
– Consistency in style and word usage (particularly important in translations).
– Plot holes, character consistency, dialogue dynamics.

– Sensitivity reading.
– 100+ words of constructive criticism.
– Suggestions and alternatives for particularly challenging sections.

I like to work closely with writers to make sure that their voice shines through in the finished product, and I constantly keep the line of communication open so that you can voice your concerns and check out my progress as we go through the project.


“Nasim has been a blessing! She tackled a pretty complex project and is able to help me get on track to getting my novella ebook published. She is detailed and very easy to work with and very quick. I am enjoying my partnership with her and look forward to working with her to hone my writing craft. Thanks, Nasim!”
“Amazing experience! Nasim is great. Friendly, professional and expedient. I highly recommend her services. I will be a repeat customer, for sure. Thanks Nasim”
“She’s a joy to work with, reliable, with excellent results. The proof of quality is in my sell-through rates of the prior two books she edited for me … not just me, but my readers are happy with the quality. Recommend!”
“Me ha gustado mucho el trabajo realizado por Nasim. Le he dado una historia para que la editara y le diera un poco de orden y la verdad es que ha cumplido perfectamente con su trabajo. Ahora la historia es muy facil de leer.”

Interested in working with me? Have questions? Contact me to see how we can work on your project together!